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In June 2013 the 2nd Festival of social architecture «The social revolution of 2013» 
will be held in Yaroslavl

Yaroslavl Institute for the Development Strategic Initiatives «IDSI», Administration of the Kirov and Zavolzhsky districts, Municipality of Yaroslavl, Department of Architecture YSTU, www.cih.ru, Creative association «Tepliza», with the support of the UNESCO office in Yaroslavl.

The curators of the festival:

Simon Rastorguev — architect / office «Project Meganom» /, founder and head of the portal cih.ru, the creative association «nmaxu» / Moscow /;

Natalia Khomutova — Architect, PhD in Architecture, a senior lecturer in «Architecture» YSTU, a member of the creative association «Tepliza» / Yaroslavl /;

Natalia Nikolaeva — chief specialist of IDSI, curator of social and cultural projects, the creative association «Tepliza» / Yaroslavl /.

Our goal is to make architecture a flagship of social change to make it interesting and, above all, accessible to all city’s residents. Real change in the urban environment through the joint efforts of professional and creative communities, administration, and activists of the city is important to us. Our revolution – is to unite everyone to activity.

We have selected the relevant issues for the city, and are looking for a creative solution together.

The theme of this festival — «PARK’ing». The main vector is green architecture and land art.

Modern city in the diversity of its tasks often forgets about the man, his needs for privacy and comfort, his quest for beauty. We compete with cars, roads, shopping centers, trying to find their rightful space of peace and harmony, a place to «park.» The festival organizers dream of turning the city in a friendly environment where people, houses, trees, cars and urban spaces enter into a constructive dialogue.

The program of the festival:

  • Study of public spaces and «green» buildings in the city,
  • The creation of real objects for urban recreation and communication, the art objects in the city,
  • Lectures, exhibitions, meetings, workshops and master classes,
  • Interdisciplinary and social experiments in the field of architecture.

The festival will be organize an international competition to design a ‘PARKing’ (objects or small architectural forms in the urban context). In June 2013 three winning projects will be constructed in the historic center of Yaroslavl, in the «UNESCO» Zone — on the Tchaikovsky boulevard — the purlieu of townspeople. The construction process will resemble the show, which will be watched by all the people of Yaroslavl and a wider audience around the world by the means of internet broadcast.

«PARK’ing» places: benches, unusual area to socialize and relax will also appear in Zavolzhsky district of Yaroslavl, on the Dobrokhotova Boulevard. During the week, young architects, artists and active residents of the area will create the art objects under the guidance of professional artists.

One of our goals is your participation in the «social revolution»: Join!

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