Gabriella D'Angelo

Competition project Sound Garden




How long have you been doing architecture? How did you start?

I first jumped into architecture without even realizing it.  As a child, I found myself an apprentice of sorts to my father, building furniture and doing small construction jobs around the house.   I can remember on a few occasions even jumping into construction dumpsters to design and construct flying contraptions and micro structures out of scrap material.  I have always been fascinated by ones ability to construct something tangible and spatial out of thin air.

Heading off to college in 2002 was my first official step into the field of architecture.  Since then, I have studied architecture at the University at Buffalo and The Cooper Union, worked in architecture firms, co-founded a design-build collaborative, and taught art and architecture in various capacities.

What architectural trends you think are important?

It is hard to define this as a trend is something that fades in and out.  I have been influenced by many trends throughout history and find that many have had lasting impacts on the architecture and design to this day.  However, most important to me in the present I hope is not a trend that will fade away, but a lifestyle for designed landscapes from here on out; socially, economically, politically, ecologically responsible and engaging architecture.

What is your architectural credo? 

Responsible, bold, artful architecture.

How often do you participate in architectural competitions?

A few times a year.

What projects are you working on now?

A line of inflatable garments that transition from clothing to spatial constructions.

What do you think about architecture and design in Russia?

I am fascinated by Russian architecture. From visions of romanticized cathedrals, brilliantly ornamented with onion domes, or in contrast to its hard lined machine-like constructivist buildings.  There is for sure a certain idea of power that is captivating when looking at these buildings that is inspiring.

What is the inspiration of your project for the competition?

When I thought of a social revolution, I wanted to create something that would empower the people walking through the space.  As the Sound Garden is a structure which creates a platform for people to engage and project their thoughts through sound amplification, I found it appropriate for this design competition.

What experience do you have received as a result of participation in the competition?

I have received interest from others to build similar projects here in the USA.

Gabriella D’Angelo is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Art + Architecture at Hobart and William Smith Colleges.  Her research and work looks to architecture as a tool for social, economic, and political justice. Investigating design not only as object but as an event to instigate a conversation within the public realm, her projects look to uncover new spaces and new relationships with the body and its context while questioning architecture’s involvement in responding  to contemporary cultures, issues and events.


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