Karolina Tarkowska, Paweł Kochański

Competition project «Yaroslavl — Recycling Revolution»



How long have you been doing architecture? How did you start?

For us an exact date was October 2007,  when we’d started our Architecture and Urban planning studies. However, our dedication to architecture started long time ago, when we were playing with LEGO bricks, materializing our first house designs and even trying some urban planning.

What architectural trends you think are important?

Interdisciplinary design — that’s the direction which we are the most keen on right now. Mixing architectural design with interactive multimedia, art, graphic design,  trying to find something unique. However we definitely prefer simplicity and basic forms rather than blobby ones. We also think, that using local materials and extracting so called genius loci is also very important.

What is your architectural credo?

Users on the first place and … having fun!

How often do you participate in architectural competitions?

We treat competitions as a kind of exercise to keep our creativity in good shape, and our brains active. We usually take part in about two competitions a year . Because we are studying at the same time and working in a studio, we don’t have much time left for more.

What projects are you working on now?

Right now we are focused on our thesis project, but in the same time we are designing interiors for Ecological Education Centre, and also some small commercial pavilions.

What do you think about architecture and design in Russia?

We like very much works of SPEECH office and we really loved their Russian Pavilion for the Venice Architecture Biennale in 2012.

What is the inspiration of your project for the competition?

As we said before, we like to think about the users, and in this case we focused also on their possible participation.  We took also some inspirations from our childhood, we wanted to create hills and tunnels, that will transform the park in a big playground.

What experience do you have received as a result of participation in the competition?

From every competition we learn a lot. When you take part in international competition you have to think how to clearly present what is in your head. In this competition we were mostly focused on having fun designing it, and we’ve really enjoyed it!

We are architecture student’s duo. I am Karolina Tarkowska and Paweł Kochański is my team partner. We have worked together on several competitions and projects since the beginning of our studies.

Karolina Tarkowska (1988), Bachelor’s degree in architecture at the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture at  West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin in 2011. Her diploma work was presented during Festival of Architectural Art in Szczecin (Westival 2011). Participant of several architectural and urban workshops in Poland, Turkey and Portugal. She took part in Erasmus scholarship and spent one year studying at FA UTL in Lisbon, Portugal. She gained her professional experience at some architectural offices in Poland (Atelier B+ L, SO.D.A., APA Owczarek ) and in Spain (External Reference Architects). Currently working on her master thesis at Faculty of Architecture in Wroclaw, Poland. At the same time she works at Sowa-Szenk studio designing interiors and graphics for several exhibitions in european museums.

portfolio: www.karolinatarkowska.com

Paweł Kochański (1985), BA gained at the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture at the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin in 2011. He has worked for architectural offices in Poland (Atelier B+L, SO.D.A., AGP, GSA) and Spain (External Reference Architects, Barcelona). Participant of several architectural and urban workshops (Poland, Turkey and Portugal) and competitions (Poland, Russia, Germany). Since 2006 he has been a club DJ. Currently he cooperates with design studio, making small commercial pavilions, and at the same time he is preparing his master’s degree.

portfolio: www.pawelkochanski.com


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