Marija Cvejić, Sladjana Cvejić

Competition project «Dream of Nutcracker«




How long have you been doing architecture? How did you start?

Marija, Slađana: Without personal connections nor family firms, we started from the very beginning. After graduation in recession times there weren’t many opportunities opening for gaining experience and architectural competitions seemed as only logical solution for someone with ambition to make and achieve something. Gaining practical experience in firms every now and then helped in a way of understanding relation between investors, public facilities and architects/landscape architects. It can be said that we are still learning how to translate direct demands into physical structures and shape it our way and in respect for legislation.

What architectural trends you think are important?

Marija: All of them. But I would probably go for Modernism and Critical Regionalism and I would state Starchitects as very important for profession itself mostly for influence and enthusiasm they spread among young people.

Slađana: I would single out Sustainability in architecture and put accent on importance of raising awareness about improving quality of life , especially in the cities.

What is your architectural credo?

Marija: Perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics is to be found without any compromises! Take a risk!

Slađana: Good design gives observer what he wants. Excellent design attracts observer to become user and to give purpose!

How often do you participate in architectural competitions?

Marija, Slađana: As often as we can. But we choose competitions that we find challenging and meaningful. That way we can express ourselves and when we make our day 48 hours long we know that it’s worth it!

What projects are you working on now?

Marija, Slađana: We have constant ideas exchange ongoing. That is important. And every now and then popes up competition where these ideas get their final shape. Currently, we are involved in second phase for the Orange County Crime Victims’ Memorial Design Competition in the United States.

What do you think about architecture and design in Russia?

Marija: It has strong site presence, it is architecture with attitude that tells a story about history. And as much as it seems that there is huge essential difference between traditional architecture and these recently built modern designs, they have something in common that makes them very recognizable.

Sladjana: Country with such a great history and tradition has recognizable architectural monuments and they represent symbol of the times in which they are incurred. It is also very important for our generations to find the way to reconcile tradition and contemporary architecture and to leave specific signature of the present times, for future generations.

What is inspiration for your project for the competition?

Marija, Slađana: Dream of Nutcracker is result of social challenge. Perfect site with perfect potentials for solution that shows complexity of existing social diversity and activates surfaces by making them attractive, approachable and useable for different groups of users. We started with that and at some point the entire design started developing and blooming to it’s final shape.

What experience do you have received as a result of participation in the competition?

Marija, Slađana: It is always great to be involved in something that brings so much creative energy. Great thing about all this is that we get feedback from professionals, experts, colleges, people… and in general the entire discussion is directed for future upgrading. We live in very fast world and we have chosen very fast profession to be part of and every competition is our chance to prove ourselves, test our knowledge and way of thinking in solving problems. Therefore we find it very inspiring and useful to compete and create designs that can make a difference.

Marija Cvejić

Work experience

Dates: September 1st 2011. – August 31st 2012
Occupation and position held: Temporary employment — Intern/architectural assistant
Name and address of employer: Department of Urbanism, Municipality of Šabac, Masarikova 10, 15 000 Šabac, Serbia;
Type of business or sector: public sector, local government;
Education and training 2002-2009
Title of qualification awarded: Diplomirani inženjer arhitekture /equal to Master of Architecture/; Occupational skills covered: Urban Reconstruction, Urban Renewal, Architecture, Design;
Name and type of organization
providing education and training: University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture
Level in national classification: VII


2012 -URBAN OASIS, Exhibit pavilion, Arhitekton Magazine/ Kingspan Competition, exhibited,
2011 -If I Show You the Rose, Will You Follow? Ideas on Edge Competition, Parramatta, Australia, proposal, certified,
2011 — Yugoslav Movie Theatre, Annual Award of the Arhitekton Magazine, shortlisted, exhibited;
2010 — Yugoslav Movie Theatre, World’s coolest offices, proposal;
2005 -Discotheque in Bucharest, Romania, proposal, exhibited.

Sladjana Cvejić

Education and training 2008 — 2012

Title of qualification awarded: Diplomirani inženjer šumarstva, Landscape architect Occupational skills covered: Landscape architecture, Ecology, Sustainable design Name and type of organization
providing education and training: University of Belgrade, Faculty of Forestry

Level in national classification: VII


2012 URBAN OASIS, Exhibit pavilion, Arhitekton Magazine/Kingspan Competition, exhibited, 2012 LANDSCAPE PLANNING FOR ZEMUN AREA, exhibited,

Marija Cvejić

Marija Cvejić 

Sladjana Cvejić

Sladjana Cvejić


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