Project «Stack It» was realized during Social Revolution Festival ‘013



How long have you been doing architecture? How did you start?

At the moment we are all master students and have been studying architecture for 5 years now. Besides universities we have always enjoyed working in architectural offices and doing competitions.

What architectural trends you think are important?

We don’t really believe in trends in general, but we like that the topic of recycling and sus- tainability is coming up in peoples minds more often. It seems to some people fashionable, but in fact using old material is a cheap and intelligent way to create especially temporary buildings and installations. Recycled materials can also be a great inspiration, like the pallets in our project.

What is your architectural credo?

What is most important to us is the location, with the spacial conditions, the social structure and the history. All these elements influence our design process in every step. The other part is the material, which has to be reflected and used in a apropriate way.
The ultimate goal is to create honest and functional, but fascinating constructions.

How often do you participate in architectural competitions?

As often as possible beneath the studies at uni, aproximately we do 4-6 competitions a year. Mostly we do small interventions, but we plan on taking the next step to a bigger scale soon.

What projects are you working on now?

We are doing small project, like furniture or jewellery design to university studies, a single- family- house to bigger housing projects. We enjoy thinking from the small detail to the big ensemble.

What do you think about architecture and design in Russia?

We were always fascinated by the great construvtivist and classic soviet architecture, which has always been so avant-garde and monumental in a nice way. Unfortunately the contem- porary russian architecture is not that present in german news. We would really like to get more into it..

What is the inspiration of your project for the competition?

We really got inspired by the history oft he boulevard and the city itself. The festival was a great oportunity to emphase the importance of education in the city. The open library should be also a meeting point of all of Yaroslavls citizens during the festival. The construction was a evolved from the material. It should be as simple and exciting as possible.

What experience do you have received as a result of participati- on in the competition?

It was great to see all the photos of the construction process and the finished project on facebook. The festival team did a great job and we were more than amazed from the results. We can only guess from the pictures, but we reall think it turned out well as a meeting point for everyone. It was a very exciting time for us to participate in this!


gizzem cinar 

kristina szeifert 

lisa schneider

Since even in Karlsruhe the most exciting stories are written apart from lectures, MORGENWIRDSBESSER decided to expand their point of view to aspects besides their studies in architecture. Finally, they found themselves in a working associati- on, which exists now for four years. After receiving their bachelor’s degrees various paths were pursued. Horizons were broadened in Istanbul and Lisbon; furthermore, first professional experiences were obtained in Switzerland. Initial drafts evolved in a carpenter’s workshop from the first drawing to the final product. Additional experiences were gathered in regional architectural offices and successful interna- tional contests. Meanwhile, the business relationship and friendship is maintained over 700 km between Karlsruhe and Berlin.


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