FAQ 2 — Tolbuhinsky Bridge


  • Approximate length of bridge, starting from north pedestrian point to south pedestrian point? Is there a scale to the site plan? Is there a AutoCAD file for the site plan?
  • What is the soil condition of the land adjacent to the river? Is the land buildable? are they located in some flood zone?
  • The video clearly shows there is s automobile road way under the bridge, please indicate this roadway on the site plan

A: we make some files for answer:

We haven’t full dwg-version for the site plan, in this reason, we made a dwg-file where jpg-plan is in the correct scale.
You can set the correct scale, the distance between the crosses in the plan is 50 m.
scale Russian topographic survey
The land is not buildable between the dam and a road in the bottom of plan (in the south). The rest of the area is buildable and is not in a flood zone.
roads on the site
We have marked the roads on the plan. Road on the north — is more active, in the south — is less active.

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  1. Can we please have information of demographic data of the town and train time table (which is adjacent to the site) for ‘Dobryninsky Bridge’ in English? As we are not Russian speakers, we are having trouble to find relevant data. Thank you.

  2. Is there a AutoCAD file for the site plan of the Dobryninsky Bridge?

  3. Regarding Tolbuhinsky Bridge:

    Kindly inform us about the average water level during flooding. Also what is the duration of the flood season.

    Please clarify if the river can be creatively utilized as a public space or is it compulsorily not build-able, nothing can be proposed.

  4. what is qualitiy of water ? it is good locking water ? do people swim there ?
    and now what is the function of this river ?

    • Water quality is not very good, but sometimes people swim in it. The water looks a bit dirty.
      A river have no specific function. For example: on this river, is no special water transport. It is found some fish, the possibility of fishing.

  5. Registered as scheduled up to 13 days is it?

    • Deadline: July 14 — registration: July 13



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