Q: Is the unbuildable area between the dam and the south road is the river? Please confirm. 

Also, what is the name of the river?

it looks like not far from the stadium of Yaroslavl.

What is the distance between the bridge structural support?


Yes, the unbuildable area is the river and a small part of the coast between the dam and the south road.
Name of the river is Kotorosl.
Please see a newer version of the map than in Google, some objects are marked: the stadium, etc.
Yaroslavl map
You can also see this map here: http://maps.yandex.ru/-/CVfPRDPy
Please see the plan of the structural support elements of the bridge. Average distance is near 40 m (and width of elements is 2.4 m).

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  1. I may look a little slow in getting things…but is the unbuildable area the one between the dam on the nortern side of the river and the southern road on the southern side of the river?
    so the southern side is all unbuildable?
    if you could kindly mark on a plan the umbuildable area it would be great

    Thank you


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