FAQ 4 — Dobryninsky bridge

Q: Can we please have information of demographic data of the town and train time table (which is adjacent to the site) for ‘Dobryninsky Bridge’ in English?

A: You can see translated wikipedia article about the Yaroslavl with demographic data: http://goo.gl/fc89Ic

Rail traffic under the Dobryninsky bridge is very heavy. You can see the translation of the schedule for the next station here: http://goo.gl/X0oXuq

All trains which going to Moscow, Yaroslavl, Adler, Novorossiysk, Anapa, Simferopol, Evpatoria, Minsk passing under the bridge. Moreover, there are many freight trains, which are not included in the schedule.

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  1. can you show us on the map where is the The historic center of Yaroslavl ?

  2. Is there a scale to the site plan? Is there a AutoCAD file for the site plan?

  3. this bridge dont have construction plan ?

    • we only have detailed site plan of the bridge

  4. i saw photos of this bridge and check the panaroma veiws of the site but i’m not sure witch part of this bridge i mean dobryninsky we allowed to design . if you specify this area in plan you do a favor to us
    thanks hadighe

  5. Can you tell us about the boundary of the site for this project? Which part under the beidge that we can use and if we can use area outaide but around the bridge too?


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