FAQ 9 — Dobryninsky bridge map

Q: hi ,please make a map like this for another bridge
— What are the varieties of trees and bushes/ shrubs available in Yaroslavl?
— We need cilmate and site analyze such as wind and tempature OF place

A: Map of the surroundings of Dobryninsky bridge:

surroundings of Dobryninsky bridge

(you can see: Yaroslavl Engine Plant, unfinished plant, apartment buildings, woodland belt, railroad, schools, sports center, garages and village on it).

— Trees and bushes in Yaroslavl are: birch, cherry, elm, oak, spruce, pine, willow, maple, chestnut, linden, larch, juniper, alder, rowan, plum, poplar, tui, bird cherry, apple tree and ash.

— You can find climate analyze here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yaroslavl#Climate


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