3D Bridge

Xiaoyan Dong, Qin Fang, USA

Design Description:

Bridge is considered as a long narrow plan. However, the grey space under the bridge is easily forgotten by people. In order to remind people of the importance of the grey space underneath, the bridge should be considered as a 3D object instead of a 2D plan. The design makes a full use of the grey space under the bridge to create a 3D space, which amplify the meaning of bridge.

The bridge is divided in two half and one of which is leveled up in order to bring sunlight into the grey space. Grid structure is one of the most important design elements in the project. The grid structure is designed like 3D net, allowing various programs extend into every corner of the grey space. Grid is used in the area to connect and supports various parts of the programs on the site. Bubble, which is supported by the grid system, is another important design element, providing spaces for seating, communicating and other activities. People can move freely in the space through bubbles and grid structures, without the constraints of levels or stairs. The whole space, under the bridge and on the bridge, merges together as 3D net.
3D Bridge
3D Bridge

Context Explanation and design purposes:

-Building program layout and their major functions: The site is divided into two half by the existing green belt. The north side is the industrial side and the south side is the residential side. Two sides are separated and need to be reconnected -The bridge and grey space underneath: The photo shows that the existing condition under the bridge Lacks sunlight. As a result, half side of the bridge is leveled up in order to introduce sunlight to the grey space under the bridge. From the residents’ survey, we found that lots of local residents complained about the smelly and dirty environment under the bridge. What’s more, people have deep eager to have landscape programs around the community. As a result, we arranged lots of landscape programs on the site in order to provide sports, commercial, communication, relaxing opportunities for local residents. Since the grey space is located in the middle of two large communities. The design could bring residents together and provide a pedestrian friendly environment for people.  

Landscape Design Programs:

- Programs on residential side: Sports field: The field contains skateboard playground, rock climbing walls, and swimming/diving pool. Urban Park: The park is located in the middle of two communities. Residents could do biking, running, and other activities in this area. Concert Hall:  This is an outdoor concert hall, which could provide opportunities for people to watch shows, band concert, movies. - Programs on Industrial side: Welcome center:  The area is located in one of the bubble structure. The space has viewing, commercial, and educational opportunities. Free market area:  This area provides various activities during the year, such as farmers’ market, which sells organic food and flowers for neighbors and people from nearby towns, art festivals, which provide opportunities for art lovers to express themselves, and other interesting programs. The area can bring the community together. Seating/reading spaces: Those programs also provided by bubbles. The area of the seating or gathering space depends on the size of bubbles. The areas not only provide opportunities for single person to do quite readings but also for crowds of friends to hold small parties in the evening.

Grid structure:

The dimension of the grid structure is 1’*2’. The grid is made by stainless metal, and connected by the joints showed in this diagram.

  project materials / проектные материалы    


  project materials / проектные материалы  


  project materials / проектные материалы  


  project materials / проектные материалы  


Xiaoyan Dong, Qin Fang

Xiaoyan Dong: Third year (upcoming forth year) undergraduate architecture student

Qin Fang: Third year (upcoming forth year) undergraduate landscape architecture student

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