A Design where Community means Interaction

Jim de Guzman Jr., Charles Apostol, Philippines

Explanatory Note

The design was conceptualize not just on the surveys provided which indicates the needs and wants of the users and what they’re expecting to have, but also on the interaction of every users and their interconnection with the space. With this, it allows the whole to be more functional and be more dynamic.

Some architectural features such as a 3 Dimensional Space and a design that defines anti-gravitational forms like the Wind Scopes that directs the wind to patterned Chimes to generate an amusing an alluring sounds.

A Design where Community means Interaction
A Design where Community means Interaction

Considerations and corresponding solutions:

Considering factors and existing conditions under the bridge, such as graphic art vandals on wall, noise, unsafe feeling, dead zone area and possible areas for informal settlers, a group of divisional walls applied with graphic arts was provided to control and blend vandals within its environment. It allows and attracts people to have their piece of art be painted in an organized yet appreciative way.


Interaction means Community: the design focuses on the interaction which is a big help for the community to be more lively, functional, and FUN, having also a great space for pedestrians and other wheeled sports such as skateboarding and bicycling.

An Open Art Exhibit was also provided which will showcase the rich culture and history of Yaroslavl, Russia.

Now with these design the present condition not only in under the bridge but also the spaces surrounds it will only be like just a Meditative Emptiness, Series of houses, trees, signs and traffic lights but will be a lively and more interactive because of a FUNCTIONAL PARK design.

A Holistic design translation which involve and interconnects everyone in a void area giving them a flexible, movable, and enjoyable environment.

Parking and Driveway:
Provision of paved parkings separates it from driveways to ensure safety and security for pedestrian users. In front of several slots and driveway sides, shrubs and bushes are situated which serve as buffers and air filterers.

Picnic area/Play area/Art Gallery:
Intended area for family gathering/bonding, giving them space to spend time with each other. Above it are wind scopes directing wind direction to patterned chimes which generates an alluring and relaxing sounds.

Graphic Art Gallery:
An area for art exhibits that showcase varieties of graphic arts locally and internationally. Every individual can express their thoughts and feelings in creating their own piece of graphic arts.

Wheeled sports area:
An area set for skateborders, bikers, and other wheeled sports. Amateur street league events can also be performed in this area.

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project materials / проектные материалы



project materials / проектные материалы



project materials / проектные материалы



Jim de Guzman Jr., Charles Apostol

Valenzuela City


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