Art and Culture City

Nguyen An Trung, Tran Dinh Luan, Vo Hai Dang, Ha Thu Huong, Vietnam


Explanatory Note

Revitalization of Tolbuhinsky Bridge Surroundings

Status of the site

After analyzing, we see that Tolbuhinsky Bridge is located at the center of the site, with a football field on one side, Millennium Park and Concert and Exhibition Hall on the other site.

According to the provided survey, citizens believe that the area under Tolbuhinsky Bridge is almost a “dead space” meanwhile the city is still lack of recreation spaces for different ages. We determine that the answer is not only a solution for the area under Tolbuhinsky Bridge but also a comprehensive revitalization for the whole surroundings. The plan covers a large area with an East-to-West main axis, which we call “The axis for Culture, Sports and Leisure”. The axis is a symbol of both physical and mental relaxation.

Art and Culture City


An outdoor sports center is located at the West end of the site providing a skate-parkand BMX track. The skate-park can be transformed into an ice-skate park in the winter. With all the noises from these outdoor activities, the center is placed at the far end of the site to avoid any disturbance to the neighborhood, as well as to better serve young people. At the side of the playground is a camping site. Wood houses are built for people who love the nature to stay overnight. In the winter, they serve as cozy stops for people who enjoy outdoor sports.

Next to the sports center is the current parking lot and football yard of the city.

The common space between the football yard and the bridge will be named “People Square”, the heart of the site. This spacious square will be used for a wide range of social and cultural events such as outdoor film sessions, concerts, Christmas markets,exhibitions,… The square is linked directly with the space under Tolbuhinsky Bridge which we call “Street of Culture” or SoC.

SoC lies under the bridge along a North-South axis. The whole structure on SoC is formed by used containers. Assuming that as a harbor city, Yaroslavl should have a number of abandoned containers. Reusing these containers is not only a cost-cut solution but also a quick and environment friendly one, not to mention it has become very popular around the world. Technically, after specific treatment, each container will have 25cm-isolation walls which work as good as 50cm-brick walls in term of isolation. These 20-feet containers are arranged in various directions and heights to create many spaces which will be used for various purposes: cultural and commercial activities, entertainment, fast-food services,… We divide these modules into different scales ranking from 15m2 to 120m2 to meet with different demands such as: 30-45m2 for offices, 15-45m2 for ateliers, 30-60m2 for shops, 75-120m2 for bars and cafes, 90m2 for galleries,… The combination of these modules brings about a lively street totallydifferent from inner-city streets. The containers also act as a protective fence for the street under Tolbuhinsky Bridge. People can freely enjoy all the activities here without any impacts from the weather condition. Moving from North to South, you will travel from a bustling space to a peaceful place called “bridge under the bridge” where you may want to sit back quietly and enjoy the view along the river’s sides.

To the East of SoC, there is a children playground with colorful decoration and many familiar games.

The park is just next to the playground, opening to a green space with many trees and small roads which lead to the wet land. This green space, together with the wet land, functions as a connection between the hotel, Concert and Exhibition Hall and MillenniumPark.

The wet land will become a place of leisure where people find a relaxing connection with nature.

The entire planned site is surrounded by a large road.


Nguyen An Trung, Tran Dinh Luan, Vo Hai Dang, Ha Thu Huong

We are a group of young architects looking for new breakthroughs in design. We always dream about surrealism spaces where the community has a new multicultural life style without boundaries.

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