BMX dirt track / Skatepark

Guilhem Lamour, France

Explanatory Note


The idea is to activate the space in a cost effective way, using an abundant and local material. The project consists in transforming a left-over space into a playground: a BMX dirt track, a skate-park and an urban space . Some benches would be installed so that the track would also be used as a park for non-riders.

The skate-park would thus be a public space for all generations. It could be used for sports activities and residents could also enjoy the view and a walk under the bridge. The perception of the space would be transformed for the inhabitants and they could activate the space and find new uses and give new significance to this place.

BMX dirt track / Skatepark

The Burnside Skate-Park in Portland, USA is a reference for this project. It is build under a steel bridge and is an effective urban catalyzer.

The project would be constructed with compacted dirt that would come from all over the city. Some parts would be reinforced with concrete for rollers and skateboarders. Some benches would be installed in the park.


Guilhem Lamour

age: 29
Nationality: French
French registered Architect 

Work in France

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