Bubble bridge

Ahmad Yaghubi, Iran


Explanatory Note


The present design that I like to name it ’bubble bridge’ Is an organic design which consists of three elements.

1-bubble spheres/balls.   2-netted parts   3-climber plants 

1-bubble spheres:

The reason for using this spheres as principle part of the project is that we have elements of water and soil together on the earth. Usually their collision give result in creation of bubble and foam, and on the other side , around this bridge , there are several historical churches that for synchronizing this ball with them, was inspired by their form. 

Bubble bridge

Bubble sphere is designed in suspension/pending format in order to hide the pile of the bridge and it causes to inspire to viewer that” these are the bubbles that hold the bridge”.

Another characteristic ’bubble bridge’ is the suspension of their space which is a special work. Here to avoid from overloading in piles of the bridge, it was used from netted arms that their pile located on the ground and was connected to bubbles.

The inside space of these spheres, due to overlapping create a homogeneous space that can have commercial, cultural and recreative applications. 

2- Netted parts/elements

The role of this parts are endurance of the load of this suspending spheres. These numerous netted and thin elements cause to draw viewerʼs attention only to bubble sphere and for more elimination of these parts, the climber plants was used. Usually by this way, viewers do not pay attention to supporting the load via this element.

The ample number of this elements that have substantial role in the sight of ’bubble bridge’ and to prevent mind occupation and unity formation, it impels us to use from one ordered geometrical figure. 

3- Climber plants

These plants have essential role in covering the netted parts and creating vacuum(empty space) and full space in the ’bubble bridge’ facade , and also in considering with cold climate and conditions of that region for absorbing and purifying the air and sunlight and saving energy and avoiding acoustic pollution, is of great help.

I hope this design in addition to establishing a dynamic civil space can also promotes this historical city. 


Ahmad Yaghubi

Iran – Markazi – Tafresh — Azad University of Tafresh 

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