Cultural Growth

David Rubio Tintoré, Spain

Explanatory Note

Under The Bridge is an international architectural competition organized by Social Revolution. The theme of the competition is based on the use of the spaces under two bridges in the Russian city of Yaroslavl.

Yaroslavl is a Russian city located about 250 km northeast of Moscow. at the confluence of the Volga river Kotorosl. The city has 606,336 inhabitants. Its historic center is a World Heritage Site. It is one of the Golden Ring cities, a group of historic cities northeast of Moscow that has played an important role in Russian history.

Cultural Growth

It is a large transport node, and a great number of important national and regional roads, railways, and waterways pass through the city. In fact many of the roads that connect Yaroslavl to Moscow and beyond are two-lane highways.

Yaroslavl and its local area have a typical temperate continental climate, in comparison to central and western Europe. This makes for a climate with more snowy, colder, but dry winters and typically temperate, warm summers.

The project that I pose is at the underside of the bridge Tolbuhinsky. This is one of the bridges for vehicles crossing the river Kotorosl. Currently, the space below it has no interest. The project is intended that this space is one of the most important in the city.

After conducting an analysis of the intervention area, I reach the following conclusions:

-Currently it is a space that is irrelevant.
-The area under the bridge is not maintained and unattractive. -The setting lacks public spaces with architectural quality.

The project idea aims to correct the aforementioned problems. To do this, some points are established:

-Create public areas to promote art culture.

-Enable space to carry out the different activities and make it more aesthetic.

Pavement under the bridge that comes from the idea of an organic form is projected. This form is experiencing a gradual growth to become the proposed project area also leaving the possibility that in the future continue to grow and expand throughout the city.

Around the pavement vegetation zones are projected, thereby giving a nice ecological environment.

On that pavement and using the modulation of the pillars of the bridge, creating spaces for culture and art. Spaces where all citizens can participate. No building is created, the space is divided by furniture. The zones created are intended to:

-Exhibition area.
-Theater, lectures, storytelling, etc..
-Multipurpose space ( dances, choreography, etc.). -Cinema.

All these public areas with projected greenery around create an area of great interest and appeal, which helps foster and improve relations between citizens.

The pavement consists of ceramic parts with hexagonal shape, so as to facilitate the possible growth of the area to other parts of the city. A false ceiling under the beams of the bridge in order to create a more attractive while makes possible placement of facilities in future space projects.


David Rubio Tintoré

I am an architect. I have been participated in many international architectural competitions.

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