Dream within a dream, create a new world in between

Shi-Yen Wu, Jui-Yu Pan, Jie-Siou Syu, Taiwan


Explanatory Note

To support human’s materialistic world and on the other side to resolve pollution. The environment is overloaded when over development occurs. The circulatory system becomes unbalance and cannot provide a favourable environment. These two constitute to the circulatory system. Utilising the advantages and disadvantages to find a new possibilities.

Site analysis:

After the site analysis when we beginning of the overall design, the site location between with urban and natural space many shops, factories, military camp and residential at the northern part , the southern part have more residential and some church therefore the space properties a part of the downtown area, and southern like a suburbs area, so the site is in a transition,intermediary features, it’s a kind of interface urban space.

Dream within a dream, create a new world in between

Design concept: 

The site belongs to a transition space type of our analysis, so the overall design for the two section to build up a circulatory system, section one is create a kind of interface it’s a natural porosity, flexible, penetrable and the structure can be breathing, through the exist natural pores in the sun light spilled, breeze and water to mixed it, the pores will produce a nutrition for the plant and build the good environment for the insect. Flora and fauna which is belongs to a more friendly environment, for the residents it’s a method of closer to natural and through the surface trail system allow the residents were able to get closer to the bridge and living area. The second form is with the local environment to design a water purification system and through the system to make the quality of the original river clean, the environment can become more friendly and better for the local residents.

Water purification system: 

Water purification system design is improved by the original river can be self-purification. The method is on the river bottom cover by the gravel and allow pollution water flowing to the gravel, when through the reaction zone, stick it to the gravel at «aerobics», surface growth of «biofilm», to make the organic of the pollution as a » nutrition » to remove the pollution and water purification purposes. The greatest feature of this principle is allow microorganisms growing between the surface of the stone and gravel, fast to clean the river and cheaper but it do not affect the upper space of the ground, it also not including any chemicals and non-chemical processing unit on the «Approach to natural water purification» process, the principle only regular to clean river sludge to the bottom of the gravel it’s will not produce secondary pollution and ecological destruction effect.

Dream within a dream, create a new world in between

The structure is divided into three parts, anterior and posterior combine with the curve and surface structure, at the anterior set by tube, and importing water to irrigate planting at the upper, the middle was the main activity area for surface construction.

Structural Design:

The hydrophilic space of the bridge is combine with curve and surface , and make by the curve structural shape to become the main traffic flow. Different undulating surface to let people walk on different visual experience . The structural is connect with the original bridge and movable by the river level changing, so that the structure is dynamic. Stell joint to walkway and water-strainer, and use of steel and fixed the piers. Use thestell walkway design pores for the animal and plant, and the curve of the catheter it is introduced through the water to irrigate.


Shi-Yen Wu, Jui-Yu Pan, Jie-Siou Syu

We are a team of students from Taiwan, Shi-Yen Wu is currently at the Department of Architecture, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology; Jui-Yu Pan and Jie-Siou Syu at Department of Architecture, National United University. In addition to school works and practical training school design capabilities and also participate in internal and external competition, increase our design ability, by summer vacation to participate at this competition and accumulated experience, the following is our experience.

2011 Intellingent green
2011 Changhua green building design
2010 Campus Student Paper Design Group

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