Fluent Functionality

Marija Cvejić, Slađana Cvejić, Serbia

Explanatory Note

Activating spaces in the city represents great challenge mostly for the reason of level of attractiveness that needs to be reached in order to bring people to the river and create vivid environment. Visual effect is crucial, but carefully puzzled functional units are certainly something that needs to be planned in detail from the inside out to the global scale. 

Creating pattern that well functions on it’s own, but even better in chained combination that makes the Fluent Functionality possible is main idea for this site. So, basically this design beside architectural objects brings wide range of attractive, environmentally friendly multifunctional spaces with memorable ambient attached. 

Fluent Functionality under Tolbuhinsky Bridge
Fluent Functionality under Tolbuhinsky Bridge
Fluent Functionality under Tolbuhinsky Bridge

Need for connecting and intersecting different functional zones almost instinctively placed pedestrian bridge on main axis that leads to the church, but the very need of people who inhabit this area made this bridge more pool like, usable for swimming in the summer, but also for winter sports in the winter. That way people get space for hockey and skating and swimming and sunbathing all in one, and it is additionally upgraded with café-bar making the ambient pleasant to walk by and providing beautiful view towards the marina.

Also, direction of the pedestrian bridge is kept beside the objects placed under the bridge. 

Placing compositions made of architectural containers with open sides towards the surrounding environment under the bridge is carefully done in accordance with created land pattern. Designed to be adaptable, multifunctional and changeable in time, these objects represent important part of the ambient created to attract and bring people to the site. Instead of hiding them, their position, shape and color is chosen to make them visible and recognizable from wider distance. Colorful contrast is dominant in the zone under the bridge during the day while combination of the glass and colored plexiglass provide romantically lit area in the evening and night which makes this sort of intervention in urban space desirable rather than necessary. 

project materials / проектные материалы




project materials / проектные материалы



project materials / проектные материалы



Marija Cvejić, Slađana Cvejić 



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