Sebastian Rosiek, Jakub Wręczycki, Poland


Explanatory Note

Spaces under the bridge perform an essential function. They join two sides of the city, separated by river and give shelter when the weather is bad. They work as a safe haven to many people. One could question whether it could be a place of social integration. But this space can easily be rid of it`s negative image.

The purpose of our project was to create the ideal social space. Our vision is dedicated to both young and older people. We want to take care of people who will be spending there much time and those who will only be trespassing.   Despite being neglected (covered in graffiti’s; no free-time space) it is a very interesting and unique place. The most vital aspect for us was the social one. We focused on revitalization of the area and on creating a space of original attractiveness and friendly for the local community – its own identity.


Our aim were innovative solutions; eco-friendly small architecture elements and their unique design are to emphasize the meaning of attractiveness of the place. Because of diversity of elements the project was ultimately divided into three separate parts. Therefore they are all independent and can be accomplished individually. It is another important factor for investment reasons.

The first step is based on the revitalization – the bridge is not prepared for public use and needs to be truly opened for the local community needs. This phase is focused on the basic steps which have to be undertaken – designing waterfront, routes, public space, bike-friendly area and small architecture elements together with safety precautions. This step should take approximately one week with enough workforce.

The second phase of the project is called “identity”. It is dedicated to fulfilling the needs of urban artists and create the unique character of the place. Since bridges are devastated and not cared with in general. The place is currently untidy, grim and unfriendly. Our goal was to show the artistic chance for urban art and for that we decided to create a graffiti dedicated spaces – special panels. The idea is to install hanging and standing graffiti screens, which can be renewed with the new coat of paint after there is no more space. This provides never-ending and full use of planes and unusual art life cycle.

The second phase also includes hanging insulation, which gives the under-bridge space a whole newcharacter. The installation can be easily assembled during workshops – it consists of hanging sails, which are humidity responsive. The hanging cloth is made of special fabric – widening in rainy days and shrinking during sunny days.

Because of that the bridge is changing constantly – it can look different everyday – calm on sunny days and more vivid and dynamic during rainy or windy days. This will happen when the sails widen up and more gently with the wind, reflecting the movements of the river and waves of its waters. This step should not take longer than a month due to assembly time of the screen and the installation.

The third phase is called the connection and is designed to make the perception of the bridge more attractive. All solutions are created to reduce the cost of exploitation. We wanted to unite intellectual effort with physical activity, thus we placed workout machine that can be used to power up electronic devices. Another aspect of the final step that should be emphasized was to create interactive floor with tile elements that can be lighted up with a single step. The free Wi-Fi access will be available in the whole bridge area. The last part of the third step are floating passages that connect the two sides of the river for better communication, far away from the noise and pollution of cars.

The solutions presented in the project can be opportunities to improve social attractiveness of the space and its better exploitation.


Sebastian Rosiek, Jakub Wręczycki

Young architecture students working together for several years. Creative, taking part in various competitions and different international workshops  about architecture, urban design and design.


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