IntEx space

Martín Cruz, Mexico 


Explanatory Note

Being one of the most historic cities in Russia and having declared as a World Heritage Site, brings out the importance of the city.

One of the main aspects that brought conditions for the development of the city, are the «rivers». We must consider the rivers as natural links and the bridges as a «man made links» that communicate the city; public spaces; parks, gardens, squares. 

These spaces have been forgotten of the planning for most cities, but at the beginning of this century, we looked at them, seeing a potential urban space.

These provide urban areas that can developed multiples activities for all kind of people; from children to elders. 

IntEx space


The bridge is a interesting place that can be considered as an intermediate space, between indoor and outdoor. Here we have a space already delimited from the exterior, protected from the rain, sun, snow.


We consider the space as a very limited «thing», sometimes with four walls and roof. But new concepts showed us the different ways we can define — perceive the space.

The project define the boundaries «virtually», without needing a defined structure. Like a under bridge, we have a structure that generate the feeling of being protected inside, but at the same time with full contact of the outside environment.

This also give us the opportunity to realize different activities and most important; recover the city. Also the material and shape brings the idea that there is no such thing, as walls and roof, just a continuous space. 


The design is a soft, lightweight surface that curves and produces undulations trough space, like a piece of paper on the wind. This will take us out of the comfort zone were we have been educated, considering the city as something already defined and immobile.

The main idea is to bring the concept interior-exterior space that has the under bridge to an architectural concept and later as a form, We don’t need heavy constructed things to feel protected or peaceful in a space. 

Structure — Materials

The structure can be made of wood, steel or aluminum, the exterior skin can be made from materials ranging from textiles to hard surfaces like corian or polycarbonate. 


Martín Cruz 

Architect licensed by the UNAM, in 2010. I’ve professional experience at the Ministry of Construction of Mexico city (2010-2013), in a private architectural firm (2013-2014) and as independent architect. 

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