OZ : The Rainbow Bridge



Explanatory Note

The project was designed like a delicate mutation rather than a drastic change. It is like two worlds have met in a storm becoming a bridge between childhood and reality.

Based upon the existing structure, we have chosen to suspend footbridges, this way we aim at adding new programs under and through the exiting bridge, in the same time we want to give it a colour punch, to encourage people to come and spend time in place that is somehow different. 

OZ : The Rainbow Bridge
OZ : The Rainbow Bridge

For example we have settled Workshops for artists as well as exposition galleries. Some of those grafted colour bridges are kept free from particular use just in order to enhance the

walking experience. Some of them touch the ground to create access to and from the top all along the span. When being aside, some of the suspended structure operate a fusion becoming a unique continuous and common space. Although very coloured, the new structure lets the existing concrete structure stay visible, for the bridge to keep this “so structural” identity that already creates an interesting mix with wild nature all around. 

The footbridges are made of steel suspension cables that hold long beams. These form the primary structure. The secondary steel structure lies on it and holds a sanded glass floor. The curtain walls that end up defining and closing space are hanging on to the concrete beams of the existing bridge.

We walk along the bridge like we would through a giant kaleidoscope letting ourselves watch the world through the eyes of the child that each one of us have been and in a way still is. 



DAD is a Parisian architect agency that has a special interest in the relationship between architect and engineer, the link between Design and Construction.

Around Teiva Bodereau Architect of Fine Arts and Engineering FTE agency develops sound and innovative project with a taste for concepts with a strong technical component.

The practice of the agency relies on strong technical expertise and profiles as relevant eclectic architects and engineers and computer programmers rub and mechanical designers. Sometimes borrowing techniques and know-how in the fields of engineering seemingly distant building the agency develops its concepts in a permanent transverse reflection on sustainable development issues. At the same time, Teiva Bodereau remain convinced that a place is of interest only through the sensations it provides the visitor.

Conviction: The work of the agency and seek some kind of balance: Just be and contextual, technical and inventive use common sense and stay stylish. 

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