Public Art Park

Ning Lin, Site8 Architects, USA


Explanatory Note

After examining and understanding the project goal, its vicinity and relationship to the historical core of Yaroslavl, we are enthused about the opportunity to transform the area into Civic Place, Above, Under, and Beyond, instead of merely utilizing the space underneath the bridge. This is place for citizens and arts to integrate and co-exist, a true extension of Yaroslavl’s spirit and legend.


The 400 meter long Tolbuhinsky bridge has the inherent potential to regenerate andrevitalize the surrounding vacant land into a civic place of historical significance that matches and contributes to the synergy with Yaroslavl.

We are convinced that instead of conforming to the limitation of the bridge boundary, the development of the space underneath the bridge should embrace the whole vacant / underutilized area, turning it into a vibrant civic realm where people, art, history, nature all come together under the star, the sun and the moon, by the river, in the wind. With the insertion of asuspended walkway between the bridge and the land, stretching from the northwest point to its southerly edge by the river front, a continually integrated park system is established.

Public Art Park

The space underneath the bridge serves as the park’s centralized focal point. The two ramps located at each end of the elevated walkway liberate themselves and branch out of the linear form of the bridge above to embrace the whole land into its realm.

Walking in Yaroslavl, one is immersed in its beautiful parks, objects of the art, historical places, monuments…etc.  We envision that the space underneath Tolbuhinsky bridge with its vast surrounding open area offers tremendous opportunity for art installations of all sizes and motifs.

Metal decking display platforms of various sizes and heights are suspended from the concrete bridge above, some sculptures are directly hung from the bridge itselfthe slender elevated metal walkway in the air, suspended from underneath the bridge, are all integrated into a complete system of art and its viewers in space and time. The zigzag walkway offers diverse perspectives and view points for the art installations, the changing seasons and the murmur of the river brings forth more rhythms and memories, much more so than any indoor museum experience has to offer. Here, where the concrete bridge above with its vehicular traffic forever in motion,  the art and people suspended in the air, the land and the river below in four seasons, one finds poetry.

It is a Public Art Park, a Romance with the city and its people, a delicate and graceful Poem, a new Gem by the Volga.

Public Art Park


Ning Lin

Ning Lin, principal of Site8 Architects, is a licensed architect in the state of California.

Ning has over 20 years of experience in building design and construction and is the recipient of  multiple architecture design awards.

Ning holds a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Minnesota and is a member of the American Institute of Architects.

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