Red Circle: A Social Urban Void

Psichylectira Mangifera, Bagus Wibowo Suryo, Indonesia


Explanatory Note


The site for this project is located under the Dobryninsky Bridge of Yaroslavl City. This bridge overpasses highway, intercity railway, and a linear urban void which separate two areas with different characteristics, residential area of Leninsky Rayon and Yaroslavl Industrial Plant. 

Currently, the space under the bridge is rarely used. The dark and uncomfortable conditions make it less appropriate to accommodate human activities, especially social activities. 

Red Circle: A Social Urban Void
Red Circle: A Social Urban Void


The project aims to create a vivid space that encourages active lifestyle and informal meetings. The design must be simple, slotting into the site with as little mess as possible. It should not detract from the existing items within the environment (including the bridge), nor should it limit the future aspirations to expand or create new significant insertions.

As we know, the space under the bridge already has the “roof” ,the wide concrete bridge itself, making it has limited height for the design. This “roof” casts shadow, making the space darker and less comfortable. Putting a new object within this dark and vertically cramped space will make it worse.

Rather than put a new object, we propose to make a “void” by doing an excavation under the bridge. This excavation will increase the height of the existing space, make it more spacious and bring more light to come. The soil from the excavation will be used as the sound barrier from the noisy highway and railway.

We also propose to create a dynamic surface for the void. The dig-in space will be creates from the trace of the existing items within the site (bridge structure, etc.). This trace will form a new geometry with various shape and depth to contain various programs and activities within the void. 

For “The Red Circle”, we focused on creating programs that meets the public needs for convinience facility of outdoor activities. The programs is added to the geometry that we get from the previous tracing process, producing a final form of “The Red Circle”.

The red color inspired from the iconic place of Moscow, “The Red Square”, and the home uniform of the local hockey team, Locomotiv Yaroslavl. 


The area (yellow) is an intersection between the bridge (blue) and the urban void (pink). We decided to make a circle shaped-design to make it blend with two half circle shaped on/off ramps which connect the bridge and the highway. Because the site is too close to the high voltage tower, for the safety reason, we move the site to the west. 


The “void” can be used for various programs and activities. Such as, watching film screening from tribune, music concert, skateboarding, wall climbing, playground, temporary market, etc. 


Psichylectira Mangifera, Bagus Wibowo Suryo 

We are fresh graduates from Universitas Indonesia, Depok, Indonesia. Currently we work as freelancers. 

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