Yun Su Mi, Choe Ga Bin, Lee Bo Hyun, Korea


Explanatory Note

Reconfiguration of sign that city sends

Image of the lower part space is not joining with which element of city surrounding environment(Commerce, Residing, Nature), but there is space that have potential possibility that can gather infras. This wished to define ‘Hidden city’ that is paned within splendid city that is not image of existent city and opposed dark city.

Is such in occasion of Tolbuhinsky Bridge. Made elevated road for connection between area and below space is circumstance that is left to empty space.

If see surrounding circumstance together, availability is state that decrease remarkably because do not become habitation and direct connection. Hereupon, hidden city will propose practical use of elevated road under space with possibility that can form another city.


The plan is having conducted kick of people done with surrounding habitat factors naturally. Area was divided extensibly to industry, commerce, residing, school, green area facility to present Yaroseulrabeul neighborhood. Put program that can grasp special quality of this area and connection between special quality. People will gather if do so and space is being ‘Hidden city = Another city’ that inspire new vitality in city under bridge.


Yun Su Mi, Choe Ga Bin, Lee Bo Hyun

Kongju National University YUN SU MI : 5 grade
CHOE GA BIN : 3 grade / LEE BO HYUN : 2 grade

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