Star Sticks aka. звезды палочки

Jacek Urbanowicz, China

Origin of an idea

Bridge… Under the bridge. That name instantly reminded me of Red Hot Chili Peppers song, in which the lyrics say:

I drive on her streets ’cause she’s my companion

I walk through her hills ’cause she knows who I am.

Well the song Is about the city of Los Angeles. But it can be any other city. The city WE live in. The city knows us better than we do know the city. “Water under the bridge” means that whatever happened is over and done with and forgotten. That is exactly what happens with space under the bridge. Almost ANY bridge. Space under bridges all over the world is a global issue, common problem. This space is usually dirty, forgotten, nobody cares about this place, as it’s dark and just boring. No function, no meaning, no sense. 

project POSTER

All of that made me think! I tried to imagine a cosmic space, something bright, interesting and, if possible, – multifunctional. I was wondering what people need in this area (according to the survey – parks, garden – generally speaking – a lot of “green”. They also mentioned playground or a place kids, older people – anybody can come and have fun or just sit down and relax.

This place must be changeable during time, so that people would be interested coming in different times of a day, maybe even different seasons.

I started thinking about something abstract and unique, that might come to reality easily and with not a huge effort. A place, where inner space and outer space are combined with each other and mutually complement the views both sides – from the inside and in the outside.

All that and even more I started to imagine. I did not use a pencil on a sheet of paper as I used to, I did not start within software at the computer. I just relied clearly on my imagination, so that I would have a small chance to cross some boundaries. Such boundary literally is a bridge. It connects two different spaces. But how to connect different worlds – of reality and illusion at the same time? That was the challenge I accepted, pursuing probably the best possible solution! 

Synthesis of an idea

After a few days the idea crystalized in my head. I knew what I wanted to achieve, I knew what tools I need to use and I started working on it.

“Space” – the Universal, cosmic space above us was one true inspiration. As something unreachable yet so close to us, moving our imagination to the limits.

The form I created is dynamic, very changeable within the sun penetrating its structure, multifunctional, as abstract and linked within one general idea and its “interior” and “exterior” becomes one mutual space.

Description of the project

I devided space under the bridge into the one on the ground and the other “hanging” from the bridge, which is “the roof” for that space. I created two bitmaps showing the pattern and the “heights” of the structure. The structure is made just from one element, multiplied hundreds of times along 160m lengths of the considered part of the space under the Tolbuhinsky Bridge. With its around 30 meters width (28 up and 36 down) it creates a rather complicated structure, that is very challenging yet even more interesting.

“Ground area” is up to 5 meters high, getting higher with each “layer”. The upper part is hanging up to 4,5 meters down, so 9,5 meters total is taken from 13,5 meters high space. But just in volume, as this structure is not rising at the same locations. (see the “sections”)

Axonometric views clearly show the whole design. 

Construction information

The main construction character of design is based on construction of pile.

In modern civil engineering, piles of timber, steel, or concrete are driven into the ground to support a structure; bridge piers may be supported on groups of large-diameter piles. On unstable soils, piles are indispensable building supports and may also be used on stable ground when exceptionally large structural loads are involved. Piles are driven into the ground by pile drivers, machines consisting usually of a high frame with appliances for raising and dropping a pile hammer or for supporting and guiding a stream or air hammer. 

Materials used for the purpose of building “Star Sticks” should be steel, concrete and wood. May be used some special synthetic coating made of rubber for the “heads” of these piles (safety). Recommended keeping everything in white color of bright effect, but could be also painted in different colors.

The hanging part is much lighter, mounted into the bridge itself. Wooden sticks hanging from the bridge should have an empty holes inside (to make it as light as possible), installed within metal joints fixed into the bridge.

This is just a conceptual project showing mostly the idea and vision. Detailed, executive drawings will be made upon request. 


project materials / проектные материалы




project materials / проектные материалы



project materials / проектные материалы



project materials / проектные материалы



project materials / проектные материалы




Jacek Urbanowicz 

Jacek Urbanowicz, born in Konin, Poland in 1989, is an architect and urban planner with over 2 years of successful international experience. His passions are: travelling and sport.
Well educated in Poznan University of Technology in Poland, his first project was a single family house “Eagle House”, that had a high reputation at his faculty in spring 2010. After working in architectural offices and construction sites in Poland, he went for a few internships abroad – firstly to Barcelona, Spain (2011), then Beirut, Lebanon (2012) and in the end – in September 2013 to China. That was just after defending Master Thesis, evaluated with highest possible mark. Right now he is working in Shanghai at Vast United Enterprise. 
Jacek mastered generative and parametric design along multiple advanced architectural and urban planning techniques. However, he thinks every project should be started with the vision, a piece of paper and a pencil. He believes every project has to be unique, as the place, time and culture are always different and special! 
During his studies, one of the Jacek’s biggest adventures was joing IAESTE international organization of young professionals willing to travel. After he became PR Coordinator, he was elected to be the President of IAESTE Local Committee in Poznan in 2012.


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