The place of life

Omar Maher Alawi, Jordan


Explanatory Note

Due to the  Sociological survey of residents for Dobryninsky bridge, the residents want areas to walk and  to walk there children’s, and let them have fun, some need mall ( that’s mean that the central  market  is not enough ) with is located 1 km  from the bridge, and some need restaurants ( a place to eat food ), parks  and some other needs.

So, i decide to design the thing i found it more flexible  and helpful to make the area under the bridge walkable  and to attract people to use it.


The place of life
The place of life

Why Hypermarket:

- people  who use the bridge for transfer, when they are going to home lat, or tired they don’t have to go to the shopping center to brings there needs, it will be much easy to bring it from under the same bridge they walk on. 

- to make shopping for  residents much easier, and no need to go to the central market. here they can see the nature, green areas, and deferent architecture style, deferent  nice places to be with friends. 


 Why Kids area:     

- people who come to the hypermarket  maybe they cant leave  there children’s  at home, alone, so they can bring then with,  now shopping will be more easy to be done.  And the same thing with people who want to go to restaurants and walk.

 — when children need a place to play, a safe worm place that can be play in even when the weather is  bad or cold (when they cant play outside).


Why area to walk and set:

- When someone taking care of children and they are playing in the kids area, he/she can set down on the benches, read, enjoy the nature, and the special landscape.

- after eating or during it people can set and have fun, enjoy with friends at the landscape  

- after a tiered work, study day its a nice place to relax with the nature, wooden landscape, to drink some thing, its a wonderful place to do it.

- When someone need a place to read, walk,  eat something out side its allowable in this place.

Why Restaurants:

-When friends need to hangout, eat outside in a nice place there are some  restaurants to chose.

- people who use the bridge and feel hungry, they have no time to eat  at home  its a perfect place to eat with some choices of restaurants.

- Due to the  Sociological survey of residents, one of the needs was Mc Donald’s restaurant  ( with is mean there is no enough restaurants to eat in this area ). so its to  provide the area with restaurants. 


Why parking: 

- to people who use the hypermarket or the restaurants. 


Why a lot off  wooden materials:

- to not feel that the bridge is taking the nature ,or minimize it. so its provide more natural look to the bridge and under the bridge.

- To be a Ecological  place and don’t use many harmful materials to the environment.


Finally, I think these things will make the «under the bridge» place more Vital, safe and usable by residents


Omar Maher Alawi

Born in amman -jordan 8-12-1991.

study architecture engineering at Misr university for science and technology (in Egypt).

participated in a «Gost Town» competition.

participated in a «train station for 6th of october city» competition (university competition).   

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