The Planet

Eun-Ji, Bang Ji-Sun, Ahn, Korea

Explanatory Note

- propose : under the bridge

For activate the abandoned space of under the bridge, we need to look at the upper the bridge space, as well as under the bridge space.


- concept : the planet

Rather than the under and upper of the bridge, Bridge and the land itself, and the relationship of surrounding area will be considered.

While settled in the bridge, Building like the Planet is grown up with surrounding needs

The Planet
design process
The Planet

- program : exercise facilities

As a result of the site analysis, we have to provide exercise facilities to neighborhood.

To activate outdoor space, we provide outdoor sports program like skating, climbing to under the bridge.

And upper the bridge building provide indoor sports program shaping the mass of building like the planet.

- technical system

While using the both of under and upper the bridge space, the bridge is used part of the structural system.

Also, strucuturalized skin frame make possible the mass to void, and provide extended view. and through this, we can make the open plan without interfering structural system.

In order to positively use under the bridge, we rearrange the level of the land to provide lively outdoor space.






Eun-Ji, Bang Ji-Sun, Ahn

— 2007~2013 : graduation of MyongJi University, Architecture

— 2013~currents : architect of each company in Seoul

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