The Red Carpet

David Selander,  Sweden


You can’t wait to see that new movie that seems promising and just came out but don’t want to leave the comfort of your living room. You don’t want to do it because here you get to lie down and stretch yourself out however you want. We all know the feeling.
Sure, cinema chairs are kind of comfortable but you have to switch positions every once in a while not to hurt that spot on your back. And there just isn’t enough space for your jacket that you brought either, right? It’s always kind of a comfort-compromise going to the cinema.

What if you could lay down with pillows and blankets — sort of like a cinema picnic. You cozy up with your partner or group of friends and truly relax while watching your movie. Even if it gets packed people will naturally seat themselves close enough for a lot of people to get inside but far away enough for comfort.
The Red Carpet seeks to explore the anti-gravitational possibilities of the mysterious space under the bridge — unusual architecture for an unusual place. With the bridge acting as a roof and with heavy supports counteracting the gravitational forces architecture is permitted to fly under the bridge.

the red carpet

On the south side under the Tolbuhinsky Bridge The Red Carpet floats suspended in air utilizing supports only from the hanging structure that connects it to the bridge. It’s an outdoor cinema looking to expand the cinematic experience. Like a whirling carpet frozen in time it flows in natural shapes to create seating for movie watchers. The seating area connects to a commercial building which houses a reception including snacks and drinks, toilets and a pillow and blanket washing room. This ground-anchored building borrows the
expression of the seating landscape to create a consistency in the design and for the building to blend in with the seating landscape’s formal language.
It’s a new kind of cinema that blends the organized space of an indoor cinema with the more communal experience of an outdoor one. With tables for drinks and snackholders the uninterrupted landscape acts as a facility able to hold groups of every size that might find its way to the cinema.


The bridge crosses a river so why not take advantage of it by giving customers the chance to experience the movie in the water. In conventional cinemas there is the problem of arching your neck when you are seated in the front which isn’t very comfortable. Here you can lie down in the water. You can lay down anywhere in fact if it feels more comfortable. You could even bring a floating mattress if you don’t want to get very wet but still want to float in the water.
When you’ve bought your ticket, drinks and whatever else you wish to bring you reach the top of the stairs; you take off your shoes and bring them with you as to not unnecessarily dirty the floor. You take your pillow and blanket, find your favorite spot and sit or lay yourself down with your partner or friends. Even though it is outside it’s almost as it becomes more of an inside activity than a conventional cinema. You take off your shoes and get a more intimate and comfortable experience. Here the formality of taking your pre-specified seat and stiffly sitting there the entire movie is removed, and you may choose to sit or lie down as you please.


David Selander

David is a 21 year old architecture student currently on summer break in his home town Sundsvall.

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