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Mohamed Saber Mohamed Nakd, Adam Ahmed Mohamed, Ahmed Hamed Al Sayed, Aasr Moustafa Abd- el latif, Ashraf Amer Abd-el hamid, Khaled Ashraf Atwa, Mahmoud Ahmed Mahmoud, Egypt

Explanatory Note

It is certain that the Architectural Space affected by variables of time. Architectural design is to have the greatest impact in achieving psychological comfort to the user at all times and in all seasons of the year. And the space under the bridge is considered one of the most blanks wider and the most affected by climatic factors.

From here came the idea of design under the name of temporal variation. In the building is not a mass fixed, but is one of the factors that affected the climate and time, And it is taken into account that these design point, that parts components of this building changed change timeframe. when wrapping these parts between summer and winter materialize the idea of the project in being a (variable), achieves users have psychological comfort in the summer, where open spaces and public during moderate temperatures, while in winter mode changes the building to adapt to the atmosphere of winter, and the need for heating. Both parts of the building are subject to change.

Time Exchange
Time Exchange

The vacuum Architectural located under the bridge large. Has been chosen this site because it is best suited to achieve the idea of architecture as it is far away from the busy city center. Verifies the purpose of this project, which’ seeks to meet the needs of this place, that causing this move is part of the busy city center to live in places Others are crowded population distribution equitable distribution does not cause stress to the environment.. So the idea to divide these places to the different functions to meet the needs of the surrounding community, as shown in this questionnaire. The number of proposals which demands the existence of a shopping center And may suggest the presence of other places to play and Cinema Entertainment And so it has taken into account the humanitarian requirements of this design to the people of the place first and even went so far as to achieve the requirements of the public in the sense of humanity change the place and sense of innovation … The idea was to change between summer and winter, where the building changes shape and functions of the time change and the volatility of the seasons and the high and low temperatures as it appears this diagram The building consists of units of the wood (Bleech) revolves around the cylindrical axis in the middle. Connected to (pivot) exists between the bridge beams. Helping these parts unit timber easily spin on its axis to be the direction of the inside of the building in the winter where the temperature low. But in the summer as . temperatures moderate revolve parts of the building, sending out

The design has taken into account the ease of movement in making the component parts of the unit of wood folding easy ride through the joints of the parties. As it shown The openings are not traditional holes to fit the spirit of change in the city has been selected the (Pattern) six-to achieve the best possible ventilation in the winter, is high and sloping from the inside so as not to allow the snow to flow inside the building. And has taken into account the design and ease of movement corridors is based on the scale of the humanitarian achieve psychological comfort This breakdown of the movement of wind in the summer and winter of the building And had numerous jobs per unit: on one hand it is used as a sweetener for the sale of hand … and it is a component of the coordination site (landscape)…. It has been merged garden seats to achieve the unity of the umbrella (Cantilever Bridge) in the winter to protect the seated beneath the ice of winter While in the summer we used these seats when the direction to inside to serve as sofas inside the display screen films to achieve the wishes of the people of the region. And Wood has been selected because it is the least expensive material and preservation of the environment where the design took into account the existing environmental problem and triedness to reduce energy use through natural lighting in the winter and summer


Mohamed Saber Mohamed Nakd, Adam Ahmed Mohamed, Ahmed Hamed Al Sayed, Aasr Moustafa Abd- el latif, Ashraf Amer Abd-el hamid, Khaled Ashraf Atwa, Mahmoud Ahmed Mahmoud

Alexandria, Egypt


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