Tolbuhinsky Plaza

Martin Holland, USA

Explanatory Note

The goal of my design is to activate the space under Tolbuhinsky Bridge, to establish the under-bridge-space as a unique space that can be part of the city.

The concept is to build on what already exist, “What is existing that is good?”

There are colorful paintings & murals on the columns that support the bridge, there is a great soccer field/track nearby, and a large space in-between. My concept is to encourage more paintings & artwork — make the under-bridge-space a local “gallery” that people visit. Then, connect this gallery to the soccer field by providing many different types of seating, shading, plantings, water features, and grassy areas — a plaza for the people: Tolbuhinsky Plaza.

Explanatory Note Tolbuhinsky Plaza

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To make the plaza unique to Yaroslavl, I propose the Country’s Flags be raised, and a large iconic statue of a bear be part of the plaza. As part of the concept, a “painting day” event can be held monthly, or routinely, when artist gather to paint new murals and locals come watch them paint, and everyone enjoys the new plaza.

Below are images to help describe the types of areas included in Tolbuhinsky Plaza…

project materials / проектные материалы



project materials / проектные материалы


project materials / проектные материалы


project materials / проектные материалы


project materials / проектные материалы


Martin Holland

- Bachelors in Architecture.
— Masters in Architecture, and Masters in Urban Design.
— Post graduate school: 2 years working on residential, commercial, and medical projects.

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