WAKE UP the bridge

Marta Albanell, Gemma Cisa, Albert Moreu. pou[arch], Spain


Explanatory Note

The aim of the project is the Re-Activation and Re-Socialization of the area situated under the Tolbuhinsky bridge. 

What do we have?

an existing bridge which function is the fast city connection. Under the bridge it lies an unused greenery area with a river that gets frozen during the winter time.

To attract inhabitants to this otherwise unused spot of the city, we need to ge- nerate ACTIVITY. 

WAKE UP the bridge

Wake the Bridge Up project wants to link this real huge greenery area to all the inhabitants of Yaroslav, creating a meeting point of activity, sport, culture… all of it linked with the existing nature.

How do we do it?

Re-connect and re-activate the under bridge area, considering the main struc- ture of the bridge as the backbone of the project. Giving a dual functionality to the existing elements, such as the river and its bank.

· The river becomes a neuralgic activity center — Wakeboard (summer) Snowboard (winter)

· The river bank becomes a panoramic overlook.

· The existing bridge structure holds all wiring and equipment necessary for the river activities. 

The elements

The overlook: Transforming the existing river bank to an active wooden walking- viewing point. It is connected to the existing paths, and also to the city itself.

Formed by two slopes, one facing the river and the other to the screen, offering the possibility of standing or sitting at the stands.

· The terraces are the highest part of the overlook, where people can be stand up watching the river activities.

· The stands offer the opportunity to be seated while looking at the lands cape.

· The stands offer the opportunity to be seated while looking at the screen. 

The wake activities: a round circuit for wake/snow boards is hanging on the bridge top structure.

The circuit consists of two walkways that take you from the overlook to the floa- ting platform where the activities starts. 


Marta Albanell, Gemma Cisa, Albert Moreu.

architects at pou[arch] 

Multidisciplinary platform of young architects, united in order to face design and architecture challenges, raised through the participation on contests and developing everyday life projects. 

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