Wall for All

Aayushya Patel, Dipika Parikh, India

Explanatory Note

A Bridge is reffered as a connection. It is an object that functions as a connector between two points. The characteristic of this object is its length. However it also creates a space underneath itself by acting as a roof for the void which is functionless and not defined. This becomes its second characteristic.

In the very basic an architectural space is created out of roofs/ floors and walls. The presence of this long roof has empowered us to conceptualize the object we are proposing as a wall against the roof. Both share the charateristic of being linear. The wall can span entire width of the bridge and can be just as long as the length of the bridge.

Wall for All

This concept of linearity of the wall has been eloquetly expressed in the Great Wall of China. In the case of the Great Wall, wall functions as a boundary- a divider a clear demarcation as a threshold and also an object of authority. But in our case we are proposing porosity, occupation and connection. Instead of the wall as an element clearly distingushing the black and the white our wall will be characterised as grey as it will allow interactions hence maintaing the ambiguity. It will seamlessly blend with the park and at the same time function as an independent object. The wall hence becomes an object that we then erode and eat into inorder to make it porous, approchable and inhabitable.

This Wall will occupy the Void.

This wall is filled with programwhich will benefit the community. A place that helps the community connect themselves and recharge and rejuvinate themselves.

In our opinion people in todays world are so engrossed in a hectic working life that they are unable to balance out their minds with recreation. The means of recreation has also shifted to bars, pubs televisions and social media.

We propose this porous wall to be developed as a hub within a park setting for various recreational activities. A hub for resting the mind and the soul. It can be seen as a mini theme park, the theme being Healthy Living.

The wall will be inhabitible and support programs like urban and fish farms, which will cater to proposed markets and majorly to Community Kitchen which in turn will cater to the Restaurant- hence generating revenue.

We also propose the development of the surrounding park area to seamlessly merge with the proposed wall.

Because of the presence of the river, we have proposed a lot of water features throughout the wall especially in and around the area enclosing the meditation center. Water has the soothing and calming property and hence we thought that it would add to the general concern about healthy mind and soul. This water will be treated river water itself, it will circulate throughout the site and will be retreated again. The park will also include various sports and play grounds facilities along with water front development to enhance the water sports, hence catering to the youth. The inhabitants can also use the barbaque spots, proposed rental camping area with their families and friends. Further more we think of this wall as being self sufficient. Since this object now becomes a hub we have proposed a hotel with limited rooms so that the space can then generate economy for its smooth function. 

The guests at the hotel are welcome to participate in all the on going activities at the wall. Hence adding to the notion of healthy living.

Coming to the object our Wall, we have been talking about, we consider that the modern architecture era produced objects which were celebrated well across the world. Since we are proposing a hub that brings together many activities and people, our object is made up of various parts synthesised together from some of the masterpieces of modern architecture. We imagine it as a huge porous wall of programs dissected by a public path. This path is the termination point of the various paths meandering throughout the park. This single path then continues as a major attraction in this proposal- the suspended deck under the bridge. This pedestrian suspended deck not only acts as a connector but also an extension of the park onto the other side hence engaging the supermarket and the church with the proposal as well.

This suspended deck can act as a landmark for the town. Its uniqueness being that after the floods when the water level rises, certain spaces on the bridge are proposed in such a way that they become lap pools filled with water for the people to enjoy and marvel.

This deck is purposefully left program free inorder for the community to utilize it however the need may arise. It can be used for sunday markets, as gathering space for the church or alternately even as a space where music concerts can be organized.

Apart from the public path, our porous wall will be housing rental market spaces, shops, administration offices, restaurant, community kitchen, meditation center and hotel with limited accomodation all accesible by the public path.

Further we propose that the construction of this object takes place phase wise. Since the design is proposed using a few components arranged together, each is structurally and functionally independent. The authorities, in the first phase can construct just the framework required. The occupants then based on their needs and budget opt for their choice of space and enclose it with their choice of walls. The occupants have the flexibility to rent a regular size space to start with, he/ she can then upsize if needed by adding one more space adjacent to or above its present shop and hence have a chance to grow thus creating an environment boosting small businesses/ ventures. By businesses we not only mean shops but the space can be rented by, an artist or photographer as a studio space, a tailers boutique or a sculptors exhibition and work space, a teachers classroom, rental sports/ camping equipments shop and even as a doctors clinic.

The authorities can then construct the public component of the proposal hence creating a space where the masses could come together.

Hence summing up our proposal is to create an active WALL of connections be it within people- SOCIALLY, between economy and leisure- ECONOMICALLY, between man and his soul- SPIRITUALLY and between the existing programmatic conditions at the site, park and wall- PHYSICALLY, which is accesible and FLEXIBLE to use by all for all.


Aayushya Patel

graduated, 1.5 years ago from New York, USA. She has been working for 1.5 years assisting senior architects.

Dipika Parikh

graduated with a Diploma in Architecture and has been working since the past 10 years in the field of Architecture, assisting principal architects. She is in process of acquiring a degree in Architecture from Mumbai, India. Currently in 2nd year she would be obtaining a degree in Architecture within the next 2 years.

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