Web Between 2 Slabs

Sun Jin Woo, Pak Go Eun, Republic of Korea


Explanatory Note

There is rigid (solid), Huge infrastructure. Bottom space of this Bridge is abandoned. Because, It’s purpose was uncleared by that infrastructure. But, it is clear that there is a space between the Bridge and the earth.

I think there should be soft and flexible structure under that rigid and Huge infrastructure made by concrete.

I hang the ropes between the Bridge and the earth. Those ropes are weaved each other and make form and can have function by the people’s activity.

People could be sit, lie down, climb, lean on that spider web- like structure.

Web Between 2 slabs


Ropes (Diameter 40mm, 60mm), Hardware


Structural Description

Between the Bridge and the earth, 

Ropes hanged under the bridge and Ropes Fixed on the earth are weaved and pull each other. When the tension is accomplish the equilibrium, ropes are fixed in the air and make surface. 

And, They can make various form by the length of themselves. 

That surface can be Long bench, huge hammock, bridge under the bridge, outdoor theater for people. Because, it could  make various forms and space for various purpose.

Program Layout

Space under the bridge is divided to 4 zones — 1. Bench Area 2.Playground 3.Outdoor Theater 4.Bridge. 

First, In the bench area, There are 3 Long benches and wood tables, and people can enjoy the picnic, have a rest, eat something.

Second, In the Playground area 1, small Mountains are placed continuously. And, there is 00m Long Trampoline zone. 

And Playground area 2 has one big mountain by the rope structure. Children can climb that mountain like spiders.

And, In the outdoor theater, There are steps made by rope structure and screen for movie play. People can watch the movie at night. 

And, There is a bridge under the real Bridge. I think it also could be called long and Huge hammock on the River. People can lie, creep, have a rest right over the river. 

This proposal shows the maximum use of the space under the bridge. That means, it’s just the one case of many possibilities. This proposal is not definite, final form. It could be changed  to any forms as  needs, purpose and function of the space are changed.


Sun Jin Woo, Pak Go Eun

1986 Born in Busan, Korea

2006~2012 Department of Architecture, University of Seoul

2013~ Working at  MASS STUDIES 

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