WEB : Tolbuhinsky bridge

Heeyun Bang, Sang-Uk Park, USA  


The concept of the project ‘WeB : Tolbuhinsky bridge’ is web. The spider web is usually hung on existing structure. One can easily imagine this project as an object hung on the existing bridge structures. It is interesting concept not only in terms of structure, but also in terms of program.
It works as a new anchor in abandoned space under the bridge. The ‘web’ provides exterior auditorium. The bridge provides the shade to auditorium and the perforated metal floor of sitting and glass floor of the stage provide interesting experience for people to look down the river when they are enjoying their staying or concert in auditorium.
WEB : Tolbuhinsky bridge
WEB : Tolbuhinsky bridge
Café and exhibition space is located right near the auditorium. It also provides pedestrian path which is separated from cars and vehicle pollution. ‘Web’ will be newly loved public place in this area.

Technical description

All the structures are hung under the existing bridge structure. Main structure is steel. The sitting for auditorium is perforated metal and the stage for auditorium is glass. The main structure of auditorium which is spider web geometry provides perfect modulation for easy and inexpensive fabrication.


Heeyun Bang

- Bachelor of Architecture, Ewha womans university, South Korea — Architect

Sang-Uk Park

- Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering, Hanyang University, South Korea — Master of Architecture, University of Pennsylvania, USA — Architect

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