Woodstock Revolution

SIN Architecture / Salman Champaign, USA


Explanatory Note

Give back the space under the bridge to the poor and marginalized.

A revolution means a reversal of the order of the social and economical classes. By designing primarily for the marginalized and the poor this project is reversing / revolutionizing the way architecture is made. In the present day world architecture addresses the needs of those who can afford it, but this architecture addresses the needs of the underprivileged by providing them with a comforting space that works as a shelter as well.


It’s an architecture that hangs from the bridge acting almost as a giant hammock. It is a top down construction and not the usual cliché of bottom up construction. It also collaborates with the existing setting by adding on another space under the bridge for the marginalized, on top of the actual users.

This project is meant for the poor so the means of the construction should reflect that. The materials used are tree logs gathered from the woods around the area, rebar penetrating and holding together the logs, and hung by tension rods that are connected to the beams underneath the bridge. Dimensions of the produced members are standard dimensions from catalogs and the tree logs are from 6-8 m in length and 20 to 40 cm in diameter, varying due to naturally grown pieces.


Woodstock Revolution


SIN Architecture

Architecture Students at the University of Illinois. Upcoming small student run firm that works primarily with competitions. Also summer architecture interns at KNE Studio (New York) and Jinseng Design (Guangzhou, China)


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