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Li Yafeng, Li Yannan, Lu Chongguang, Wang Lina; China



The Bridge We choose is Tolbuhinsky bridge, which is located in Yaroslavl, Russia. Its climate belongs to the temperate continental climate, the average temperature in January is — 10 ℃, July is 18 ℃. Annual precipitation is 500-600 mm. Considering the latitude location, we can see the aurora borealis, so we decide to create a place to watch the phenomenon of the aurora borealis at any time. As we all know, the aurora is a very beautiful natural phenomenon, it often appears in the latitude in the atmosphere above the color luminescence near geomagnetic pole. Aurora is varied, colorful and beautiful; there are few phenomenons which can be compared with it in nature. It is difficult for people to draw the constant playing in the cold polar air, the vagaries of glare.


Aurora sometimes appears in a very short time, sometimes it can be in the sky for a few hours. The shapes are various and they seem like transitory festival fireworks, ribbons and colored giant screens. In a word, it’s a feast for people’s eyes. This design is based on aurora. We make full use of the local unique natural features and geographical advantages, we want to build a virtual and active place. Our goal is to create a different experience for people. People can see the aurora borealis from inside and outside. 

There are two types of design of the place, regular and irregular sphere form respectively. Irregular sphere shapes are pressed by the bridge, deformation subsidiary under the bridge, the internal space is large, layered, dome for artificial design, to simulate natural aurora display screen, Provide artificial night for visiting tourists, aurora visual experience.


In addition, this part of the space can also be a concert or large indoor Spaces, places with seat and stage. Shape structure with translucent materials, to provide indoor natural light during the day. Rules of sphere is half round ball shape, the volume is divided into three kinds, six meters, twelve meters, eight meters in diameter, with irregular sphere space, for small aurora experience area, usually also can be used as places for entertainment and leisure. Six meters of space to imitate the design of the igloo, primarily for the visiting people provide the place to rest.

From the view point of view, the bridge and the bridge space is the two different spatialentity, the rules of the sphere into two entities space squeeze out, then get the aurora night places.

Technical description

Translucent material,

6 meters,12 meters,18 meters,30 meters and 60 meters,

Natural type,

Extrusion type ball and Half a sphere,

Watch the northern lights, performances, accommodation.


Li Yafeng(Second year graduated school student from Renmin University of China)

Li Yannan(Second year graduated school student from Renmin University of China)

Lu Chongguang(First year graduated school student from Renmin University of China)

Wang Lina(Second year graduated school student from Renmin University of China)


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